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What is Remedial massage?
Remedial Massage is a type of deep tissue massage, that looks to restore the health and functionality of the bodies soft tissues (muscles, ligaments and tendons). It can be used to relieve a wide range of problems from long term chronic tension, to stress related tightness / stiffness / headaches, to injuries (whether they be sports or non-sports related), and much more. It is a hands on treatment, that looks to alleviate muscular pain, increase range and ease of movement, and remove any scar tissue (muscle knots) that have built up in the body over time. Because Remedial Massage is a deep tissue massage its affects are usually deeper and longer lasting than with traditional relaxation style massages. Remedial Massage is also able to improve muscle tone, and muscle activity and can therefore be used prior to events where the client needs their soft tissues to be as responsive as possible to the upcoming workout (i.e. prior to a person doing a marathon, or competitive sports event). Finally, Remedial Massage has whole body affects, and can help to improve general blood flow, lymphatic drainage, and overall muscle balance and mobility.

What to expect?
All appointments (incl. initial consultation) are about 1hr long.

Before getting onto the couch, you will be asked to undress down to your underwear as we work directly on the body. You will be provided with a towel to protect your modesty as well as keep you warm for the duration of the treatment. Feel free to bring a pair of loose fitting shorts should you not feel comfortable undressing down to underpants. Should you wish for a chaperone during the treatment, or have small children that need to brought along, then this is fine. Please give us notice in advance so we can prepare the room. 
For further information on the types of treatment please see below.

Initial Appointment:
At your first session we will collect some personal details from you, as well as information surrounding your primary concern (ie bad back, or stiff neck etc) and what sorts of activities / workload you put your body through on a daily / weekly basis. We will spend some time to explain exactly how we work, and give you an opportunity to ask any questions that you might have on your upcoming treatment.

The massage on your initial assessment will be mainly a fact-finding session, allowing us to ascertain where we think the soft tissue problems are originating from, and how your body responds to deep tissue massage.

Please allow 60mins for the initial assessment.

Subsequent Appointments:
Following an initial assessment we will invite you back for a follow-up treatment. These sessions begin with a quick re-cap of what we discovered last time, how your body has been between treatments, and also gives you an opportunity to update with any further developments that might be of importance.

We will then begin a more focused treatment session, looking specifically at the sights of pain and sights of muscular-skeletal problems.

At the end of a follow-up session we usually look to give advice on life-style changes, or exercises / stretches that can be performed between treatments to speed up overall recovery times.

Please allow 45-60mins for these appointments.

Treatment Plan:

We are often asked how many treatments it will take to get a current issue 'fixed' and although we would love to give clients an exact idea of the number of treatments and timescales this is just not possible. Everyone is different, everybody can potentially respond to the treatments in a different way, and everyone has repetitive lifestyles that can affect total recovery times. However, what we do suggest is that clients attend an initial assessment, and following this a further 2 treatments, as a starting point. This allows us the best chance to enact some soft tissue changes in your bodies, and also allows you the best chance to evaluate the type of treatment you are receiving. Where possible we attempt to space out treatments as much as possible, as this (together with the lifestyle advice) tends to mean clients can take a more active possession of their own improvements - ultimately resulting in better and longer lasting results.

Our final aim with clients is to see them just twice a year for check-up assessments rather than ongoing treatments. The idea is that at these sessions it is more a general body check, than a specific treatment looking to fix a specific problem that is still causing the client problems.

For further information on the clinic, and treatment prices.